How the same s**t happened to the same guys twice.


Storm of Crows started life in another time. In another decade. In another CENTURY! In 1998, Matt and Paul formed a band with another friend, and that band was called West Tangleyam. They were three rhythm guitarists. They were crap. Realising that different types of musicians would add a little variety, they recruited a guy they hardly knew, Jimmy, to come and play bass for them.

Mercifully, West Tangleyam only lasted two years and showed no signs of surfacing again until 2020.

Matt decided to record an old song or two as a lockdown project. After he put the first song on Facebook, he got Jimmy to play bass for the second. When that was uploaded, Paul expressed an interest at joining again for the third. That third song was Upon Us, the first official release of the newly named Storm of Crows (and the other two songs were quickly deleted from the record, as they were a bit cack).



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