If you read it here, then it's genuine Storm of Crows news. If you read it somewhere else then take that news with a pinch of salt. You could very well be looking at FAKE NEWS! Or, more likely, Matt posted something in one place and forgot to add it to one of the seventeen million other social media accounts and places of internetty interest that exists nowadays.

Her Crime, ft. Alison Johnson.

Cover - Her Crime.jpg

18th July 2022

We have a friend called Alison who adores singing and a while back she expressed an interest in joining us on a song. Matt and Jimmy knew of a song that would work, written by the rhythm guitarist of their 2001 band Second Storm.

We dusted off the song, sent it to Alison as she was excited to have a go at it and now it's done, we're very proud of it. It will be available on Bandcamp from the 29th July 2022, and on streaming sites everywhere the following week, on the 5th August.

New Song, and it's a Collab!

I Don't Want To Wake Up Dead In America - Single.jpg

25th February 2022

When Matt still thought he could write songs, he kept a notebook with lyric ideas. Most of them were pure crap. He posted about them on Twitter a few months ago and Mike from The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze Blues band saw them and decided to turn one into a song. The song was good!

He asked Storm of Crows to collaborate with him on it and collaborate they did! Featuring Paul on lead guitar, Jimmy on bass, Matt on vocals, guitar, and organ, and Mike on everything else, the song is a slow but rocky song about not dying!


New Song, and it's a Cover!

GLD News.jpg

18th August 2021

Our friend Gozer Goodspeed ran a competition in which people needed to cover his song Gambler's Last Day and he'd choose the best one. The winner then received riches and all the finest muffins in the land (or something like that). Well it's an ace song so we decided to give it a go. If you want to hear it, have a listen by clicking the button.

Okay, there's not button. I put a button there, and it duplicated it for every news story below. Websites are hard, man! Sorry, you're just going to have to hunt out the song yourself. Good luck!

Storm of Crows - The Website!

Storm of Crows - The Website!.jpg

26th January 2021

We're not really sure this qualifies as news, seeing as you're currently ON the website reading this article.

Still, Matt almost had an aneurism the first time he tried to create a band website but that's because he made the rookie error of going to Wordpress, where they only succeed in crushing people's souls.


When he found Wix he realised how simple it could truly be and thus, the Storm of Crows website was born!

Christmas  Charity  Single!

Cover - Santa's Day Off.png

December 2020

Despite the usual slowness with which the band record their songs, they decided to try to release a Christmas song a few days into December. The song was written, recorded, and released within eight days, and all of the profits (from four sales, at the time of writing!) are being donated to the helipad appeal at Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity.

World, Meet Storm of Crows!


September 2020...ish

Storm of Crows staggered and limped onto the indie music scene in October 2020, having been remotely recording songs and uploading them to YouTube, mostly for the enjoyment (tolerance?) of their friends and family. They slowly began building a Twitter following and established themselves as an ever present, never serious, but hard rocking chunk of the community.