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Want to be confused? Well why the hell not! We have two different merch stores and this page is your portal to both. It simply depends on what you want to buy. Why? Well one of our logos, the fire faces from You Decide, is AWESOME! But our main merch company makes a total hash of it, while this other one doesn't. So if you want that logo, please click on it below. If you want anything else, click on the other one and be whisked away to the store where you can find our logo on every damn thing they'd let us attach it too. All we're really missing is Storm of Crows: The Flamethrower! (The kids would love that one).

In both of these shops we've tried to set the prices as low as possible as we never expect to make any profit from this band thing anyway. We just want people to walk around with our logo and faces on their chests!

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