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Twenty-Five Years

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Here we are at last. Who'd have thought it? When we first decided to do an album it was October 2020 and we boldly thought we'd have it out around four months later. Yep, February 2021 was the date! Now it's over two years later and we've actually pulled the trigger. If you're reading this it means the album is finally out. Well no, if you're reading this it probably means your either Matt or Paul because not too many other people check out the website! Anyway, the album is out, is my point.

If you want to check it out, find it on Bandcamp via the MASSIVE BUTTON on this page. Alternatively, scroll down and learn more. But please press the MASSIVE BUTTON at some point.

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Making a Song Series

Will You Remember Me was the last song written for the album. It's one of Paul's tracks, and we used it as an opportunity to show the process we go through when it comes to writing and recording a song. This series is broken down into twelve videos that show each part of the creation process. Possibly one for the more technically minded of you out there, but we did try to keep it interesting and fun!

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